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Professional Template Installation Service

All the Joomla templates we have designed for Joomla and Virtuemart are both easy to use and customize.

Each theme comes supplied with the template quick start installer which allows you create an exact copy of the template and demo website you can see running at http://demo.virtuemarttemplates.net

However we understand that some people would rather purchase a complete service and leave it to the experts to setup

the template or quick start installer which is why we offer a professional installation service for customers.

If you would like to use our professional installation service, we can offer you the following

Template Quick start Installer Service - €29.00

We will install the template quick start installer on your web hosting space.

Once we have completed the installation you will have an exact copy of the demo website you see running at http://demo.virtuemarttemplates.net

Manual Template Installation and Setup Service - €29.00

If you have an existing website running Joomla or Virtuemart we can manually install and setup the Joomla template at your website for you.

Service Requirements

In order to deliver the above services, we require the following

  1. Joomla super administrator account for the manual installation service.
  2. Website address for the manual and quick start installation service.
  3. Hosting control panel and FTP user name and password for the quick start installation service.

Service Conditions

  1. The price quoted is for one template quick start or manual installation.
  2. The service needs to be purchased again for additional installations.
  3. You need to purchase a Virtuemart template or template club package in order to use this service.
  4. The service is only available for the templates designed at this website.
  5. The service is only available during business hours 9 AM GMT - 6 PM GMT Monday - Friday.
  6. The service excludes all website or template customization.

Template Installation Service

Price without tax: 29,00 €

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