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Professional Joomla Website Management Services

Sometimes keeping a Joomla! website up-to-date can be a challenging task for business owners.

We understand that your focus is on managing your business and you may not have the time, skills or technical knowledge to manage and maintain your Joomla website.

We have over 10 years experience developing and managing websites for clients.

We offer a professional and friendly Joomla management service which includes the following.

Joomla Updates

The Joomla community releases updates every month to make improvements to the content management system but also to address security issues which arise.

We take the headache out of installing and Updating Joomla out of your hands.

Our professional update service includes the following

  1. Research, review and test the latest Joomla updates before installing the updates at your website.
  2. Review the Joomla templates, extensions, modules installed at your website to ensure the latest update does not conflict or take your business offline.
  3. Take full backups of your website before and after the update is installed to reduce any risk of website downtime to your business.

Joomla support

The monthly Joomla maintenance plan comes with two hours support each month which includes the following

  1. Installation and configuration of Joomla templates, extensions, modules or plug-ins
  2. Setup of Joomla menus, modules, content and other specific Joomla related issues.
  3. Setup Joomla SEO at your website including search engine friendly URLs, meta tiltes and descriptions plus more.
  4. Fixing PHP errors, jQuery or JavaScript conflicts, CSS issues.
  5. General support issues relating to Joomla

Whatever the question or support required we are here to help you.

We have over 10 years’ experience supporting business around the world get the most out of Joomla.

Joomla website backups

We offer a complete backup solution for your website whereby we take real time backups of your website 24/7 365 days a week.

The backup solution we offer includes the following

  1. We will take real time backups of your Joomla website which includes backing up all your Joomla files and the MYSQL database in real time
  2. Each time you make a change at your website weather you add a new article, product or install a Joomla extension or template we will know about it and take a backup of your website.
  3. If anything should go wrong, your website gets hacked or infected with a virus, you get a PHP error after installing a Joomla template, module or extension we can quickly restore your website to its original state

Monthly website security audit

Protect your Joomla website, business and online repuation with our ongoing professional security service which allows you to focus on your business and allows us to keep your website safe and secure.

The monthly security audit servcie includes the following

  1. We’ll do a thorough inspection of your Joomla website configuration, Joomla database and Joomla files plus extensions, modules, themes and plugins each month.
  2. If during the security audit, we find any security vulnerabilities we will contact you and agree a time and date to fix them for you.
  3. You will receive a monthly security audit report so you have peace of mind that your website is safe a secure.

Website Security Firewall

The website application firewall service protects your Joomla website in real time from hackers destroying your business and online repuation.

The website application firewall includes the following

  1. Real-time website attack protection.
  2. Proactive security patching and blocking of know Joomla security variabilities.
  3. Block PHP injections and attacks.
  4. Prevent SQL Injections and attacks.
  5. Block bad and malicious bots attacking your website
  6. Stop malware infecting your website.
  7. Improve your websites performance.

Joomla Website Maintenance

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