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We keep your Joomla website safe and secure

Joomla like all open source content management systems is subject to malicious attacks from hackers.

Ask yourself the following questions?

  1. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow to find out that your Joomla site is hacked?
  2. If your website gets hacked what impact will it have on your business and its reputation?
  3. What do you say to your website visitors and customers who's computers have been infected by a virus which came from your website which they trusted?
  4. Are you happy for your customers personal and credit card details to stolen because your website is hacked and infected with a virus or malware?
  5. How much money would your business loose if your website was offline due to getting hacked by hackers trying to destroy your business?
  6. Can you afford to lose all your traffic from Google and your search engine ranking because Google blacklisted your website as unsafe?

We offer a professional service whereby we can protect your website from malicious attacks or hacking so you can

Website Security Audit Service - €69.00

  1. Want to know how safe your Joomla website is from hackers?
  2. Is your hosting provider updating your site’s server to close security holes?
  3. Would you like to know if your website has vulnerabilities?

What Is Included In The Service

  1. Complete security audit of your Joomla website including setup, configuration, themes, extensions, modules, plug-ins, folder and file permissions, Joomla database plus more.
  2. Once we have completed the security audit at your website you’ll receive a report of your wesite’s vulnerabilities and recommendations on how to make the website secure.

Joomla Site Is Hacked Service - 149.00

If you suspect your Joomla website has been hacked, don’t worry we can help you fix it. We offer a professional and friendly service whereby we can fix your vulnerable site after a hacker has compromised it.

What is included in the service

  1. Web security scan to identify the security vulnerabilities at your website
  2. Fix and clean your website so it's safe and secure.
  3. secure your website against further future attacks.
  4. You will also receive a full report of the work we have completed to fix your website.
  • Please note this service comes with a 24-hour response
  • The 24-hour response rate applies to requests made during 9 AM GMT - 6:00 PM GMT Monday - Friday only

Once we have successfully received payment and the relevant access information to your website we will fix the website within 24 hours.

Joomla Ongoing Security Service - 179.00 Per month

Protect your Joomla website with our ongoing professional security service which allows you to focus on your business and allows us to keep your website safe and secure.

What is included in the security service

Monthly website security audit

  1. We’ll do a thorough inspection of your website configuration, Joomla database and Joomla files plus themes and plugins each month.
  2. If during the security audit, we find any security vulnerabilities we will fix them for you.
  3. You will also receive a monthly report so you have peace of mind that your website is safe a secure

Real-Time Website Backups

  1. We will take real time backups of your Joomla website which includes backing up all your Joomla files and the MYSQL database in real time
  2. Each time you make a change at your website weather you add a new article, product or install a Joomla extension or template we will know about it and take a backup of your website.
  3. If anything should go wrong, your website gets hacked or infected with a virus, you get a PHP error after installing a Joomla template, module or extension we can quickly restore your website to its original state

Website Application Firewall

The website application firewall service (WAF) protects your Joomla website in real time from hackers destroying your business.

This service is not the installation of a 3rd party Joomla firewall extension which never gets updated.

This is complete WAF security solution for your online business.

The website application firewall includes the following

  1. Real-time website attack protection.
  2. Proactive security patching and blocking of know Joomla security variabilities.
  3. Block PHP injections and attacks.
  4. Prevent SQL Injections and attacks.
  5. Block bad and malicious bots attacking your website
  6. Stop malware infecting your website.
  7. Improve your websites performance.

Website Security

Price without tax: 69,00 €

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